Veterans History Project

The Veterans History Project is a program by the Library of Congress dedicated to preserving original recollections and memories of veterans and civilians who supported the military. VFW Post 4103 is supporting the Veterans History Project by providing interviewers and program support for interested veterans and civilians.

Currently, many of WWII and Korea veterans are passing away, many without leaving any complete record of their service, memories, and experiences. Many are uncomfortable talking to their family and kept no journals or other record of their personal experiences. When they pass away, all their families are left with is a box of medals and perhaps a DD214.  This is a tragic loss of knowledge and experience that ought to be passed on to future generations. The Veterans History Project is a way to ensure that your memories and wartime experiences are not lost, but are preserved for your family and future generations to learn from.

Participation is simple. All it involves is providing some basic biographical information to your interviewer (name, date of birth, where you entered military service, where you served, what you did after your military service etc) and participating in a very informal interview about your service. You will provided with an outline of proposed questions ahead of time and can set any limits that you like with your interviewer. Your interview will be either video or audio taped (your choice of which) and archived both at VFW Post 4103 and at the Library of Congress. Eventually, the Library of Congress will make your interview available both in the Library and online. VFW Post 4103 will be happy to provide you with a digital copy of your interview for you and your family.

We are also interested in preserving military service and wartime photographs and letters. While the Library of Congress only accepts original submissions, and we will facilitate your submission to the Library if you choose – Post 4103 is only interested in preserving copies of your photos and documents. If you can spare them for a week or so, we will have high quality digital copies made and return your originals to you. We will then archive the digital copies for submission to other military service collections or internal use by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, whichever you desire.

If you are interested in any of the above, or would simply like more information, please contact Josh McFall, Post Junior Vice Commander at or via phone at 650-762-5417.

Point of contact: Josh McFall, Post Junior Vice Commander